The Benefits of Our Management System

Cloud-based platform: Connects customers’ projects with the most suitable resources from any location, anywhere in the world. 

Cost-savings: Our integrated system manages and speeds up all processes, from generating quotes to vendor management to invoicing. This means we save on costs, which we can pass directly to the client.

Quick turnaround: The system’s production modules use two types of CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools, as well as sophisticated AI Translation engines, which allow multiple linguists to work on the same file at the same time.

Our Services

Scientific and medical translations

Accuracy and precision are the watchwords for a team of specialists in this field. Knowledge and application of the correct terms are their priority for all your reports, studies, papers and articles.

Technical translations

Technical data sheets, safety information, user manuals, product catalogues, patents, information on manufacturing processes and maintenance work are translated with attention to detail and precision by our Technical Translation experts.

Legal translations

We have legal translators who will translate all your contracts, agreements, terms and conditions and any other binding or official document. We also offer sworn translations for documents for legal purposes.