''The Limits of My Language Mean The Limits of My World''

AI-powered technology and expert language services to help you scale across markets and drive growth.

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What We Do

Every project we undertake at Al Coda is human-delivered and supported by our very best translation technology tools. Since 2014, we have been learning and implementing CAT Tools to our translation projects accurately.

Our Obsession For Quality Means We Are Always Striving For Perfection

Our Core Values

One of Al Coda Translation’s core values is to deliver quality that transcends cultural barriers and authentic content in any language. We hire the most progressive and passionate people in the translation and localization industry, and our entire staff wants nothing more than to make every single one of our partner’s content feel as if it were never translated. We are not satisfied until we have gone above and beyond the ordinary. 

Our Quality

Quality control separates us from our competitors

We understand your business because we are translators! Our global team of expert translators and project managers have deep roots in the translation industry. We respect the nuances of every language and culture that make content feel authentic when it is translated and we answer the demands of the constantly evolving worldwide companies by welcoming unforeseen detours and turning them into opportunities to drive creative solutions. Let us help you produce more translations, connect with more business partners, and be your strategic partner in translation.

We Take Care Of Your Projects

Where human and NMT workflows meet


After more than 10 years, we have proven success in providing top-quality services through a consolidated team of professional medical linguists and multilingual subject matter experts.


Our highly specialized translators combined with unique processes, specialized human resources and custom technology have allowed our company to redesign translation services to make them not only scientifically accurate but also more reliable while guaranteeing regulatory compliance.


Medical texts cover many closely linked areas and disciplines.

At Al Coda Translation, we have worked for many years building a reliable and highly-specialized in-house team and a network of professional freelance translators capable of mastering this variety of content while respecting the structure, wording and accuracy.

Our Company

Company Storyline and History

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